A Night of Blacker Darkness


Frederick is desperate to
commit the crime he’s already
being punished for.



It’s 1817. Wrongly imprisoned, Frederick Whithers is desperate to commit the crime he’s already being punished for: defrauding the bank out of a vast inheritance. He fakes his death to escape, but when he’s seen climbing out of a coffin everyone assumes he’s a vampire; when he shows none of the traditional vampire weaknesses, they decide he must be the Great One, the most powerful vampire in the history of the world.

Half horror and half farce, Frederick’s tale is an ever-growing avalanche of bankers, constables, graverobbers, poets, ghouls, morticians, vampires, vampire hunters, not to mention some very unfortunate rabbits. With a string of allies even more unlikely than his enemies, can Frederick stay alive long enough to claim his (well, somebody’s) money? And if he can’t, which of his innumerable enemies will get to him first?

180 pages
Publication date: July 26th 2011

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“Fast paced, articulate, and amusing! Interesting characters, witty dialogue, engaging plot…a very well done book in all respects!”
—Alexsander Wakal

“What do Jane Austen, *Anne Elliot*, John Keats, and Mary Shelley all have in common? Frederick Withers.
A zany tale of an ordinary banker who is thrown into prison for fraud. When his cell mate dies of consumption, or some other random horrible disease, Frederick escapes in the coffin. Once outside (in the graveyard, of course), he runs into a group of vampires who think he is the Great One.
No matter how much Frederick denies his vampire-ism, he is constantly followed by the knee-scooting worshipers. And it doesn’t help any when he meets John Keats, a poet who can’t help rhyming every sentence spoken to him.
A cast of bumbling characters and a farce-like plot combine into a totally refreshing read, because, really, there aren’t any other books out there like this one.”

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