Tennessee Wesleyan College Theatre Program will present the WORLD PREMIERE of A Night of Blacker Darkness, written by Dan Wells and adapted to stage by Allison Hill and Dan Wells. The production is directed by TWC Theatre professor Dr. C. Austin Hill and will debut October 23.

In a separate production, the Utah Valley University will present the Utah premier of A Night of Blacker Darkness in the Ragan Theatre the week of Halloween, beginning October 28.

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Set in Regency England, the play revolves around Frederick Withers, who was wrongly imprisoned and is now desperate to commit the crime he's being punished for: defrauding the bank out of a vast inheritance. He escapes prison by faking his own death, but when he's seen climbing out of a coffin he becomes mistakenly known as The Great One, the most powerful vampire in the history of the world. As he continues his attempts at financial fraud, he's pursued by a coven of vampires convinces he's come to lead them, as well as Mary Shelley, John Keats, and a world of slamming doors and coffins. A tantalizing mix of horror and comedy, this play is perfect for Halloween-time fare! 

Dan Wells writes in a variety of genres, from dark humor to science fiction to supernatural thriller. Born in Utah, he spent his early years reading and writing. He is the author of the Partials sequence, the John Cleaver series, the upcoming MIRADOR series, as well as others. He has been nominated for the Campbell Award, and has won three Parsec Awards as well as a Hugo Award for his podcast Writing Excuses. 


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