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Ghost Station, an Audible Audiobook, is available on Amazon!

Berlin. 1961. Two months after the Wall. And the Cold War is threatening to boil over.

It is an especially uneasy time at The Cabin, a joint US-West German listening station. Its agents failed to see the Wall coming. And now the East Germans and their Soviet allies are making new, aggressive moves.

Then, CIA cryptographer Wallace Reed decodes the latest message from the double agent known as Longshore – and the crisis escalates. Has Longshore been caught? Suborned? Murdered? Or, the worst possibility of all – is he trying to send a secret code to a mole in Reed’s own office, sabotaging their intelligence and sending reports back to the other side?

Ghost Station is a tense thriller about espionage, cryptography, and paranoia, set in the earliest days of the Berlin Wall. Can Reed trust Longshore? His boss? His lover? Can he find the truth behind the lies – or will Berlin become ground zero for a world-ending war?

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A Pear-Shaped Funeral is available in print on Amazon!

Just when Fredrick Whithers thought his life couldn’t get any more complicated, he is asked to arrange a funeral for a man who is very much not dead. In the companion to A Night of Blacker Darkness, Frederick must balance the arts of necromancy and magic while managing to run a funeral home.

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Why Patreon? I’ve spent a long time looking for a way to give more to my readers–more stories, more writing tips, and more behind-the-scenes peeks. Patreon is the perfect way to do all three. I’m going to start releasing my novels in a serialized, annotated format: every month you’ll get a new chapter of each, complete with my thoughts and notes about what I wrote and why. This will include previously published fiction with brand new commentary, snippets of future projects that I’m still playing around with, and even a bunch of super old trunk novels from when I was trying to break in. And believe me: those old novels are BAD. Like, super bad. Some of them I haven’t even read in 15+ years. But when we read them together we’ll be able to see the process I went through to grow as a writer, and how I learned what the tools were and how to use them (and how to break them).

Awesome Rewards! Every patron will get a basic level of cool content, including updates, cover previews, and other stuff. On top of that I’ll be releasing something cool every week, with four different pledge levels to give you access to different things.


Dan does a weekly podcast about writing called Writing Excuses. His excellent co-hosts are Brandon Sanderson, author of the Mistborn trilogy, and Howard Tayler, the mind and pen behind the SF webcomic Schlock Mercenary, and Mary Robinette Kowal, a professional puppeteer and Hugo-winning author of “For Want of a Nail.”You can check out the Writing Excuses store here.

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